Ok, let me admit something right off the bat: I’ve wondered more than a few times whether I actually remember anything about my early childhood at all. Yeah, see, I might’ve just made it all up from pieces of different lives I’ve lived in other worlds. And since I can’t go back and check, I’ll probably never have an answer, either.



I’m Ciestess, the Keeper of the Crossroad of Infinity and author of the Crossroad of Infinity series.

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Chapter 22

I’ll call this world…

I don’t even want to give it a name.

I don’t want to do this…

I’ll call it… “Scarring.” And… it was paradise.

-as close as I’ll ever get.

Chapter 21

Every time…

Every time I die in one of those dimensions…

Every time I come back… Those first few seconds, they…
They're spent re-living- No. No, re-remembering my memories of the life I'd just lived.

And I just…

Chapter 19

It took me at least a few hundred tries to navigate the Crossroad successfully, even after figuring out the basics.

A few hundred tries to get a dimension decently close to what I wanted. To get one with physics I liked.

Chapter 18

Let's turn back the clock for a moment…


It's a while, yet, before Tess is supposed to fully turn Lucy.

And since it's good cover for establishing a relationship with the locals, she's been working at this little pub for the past few weeks.