Understanding: forever. No cure.

Fire at core. Ice at the ends.
Music through air and motion.
Freedom inside with chains on my hands,
while rainbow-eyes tell of emotion.

Laughing one minute and crying the next.
Bloodlust still boiling inside.
But then I see
one more broken than me,
And I urge the red — longer — to hide.

Brothers and sisters and cousins I see,
my soul by mirrors obscured.
I reach my heart out, and they out to me.
But understanding’s one-way, with no cure.

Paradoxes live inside all souled beings.
Contrasts are there by the dozens.
However, few know, fewer still understand,
and understanding’s forever. No cure.But if parasite, predator, threat I detect,
On it do I wage war.
For brothers and sisters — friends — I do see.
Understanding: Forever. No cure.


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