One-Shot Wednesdays (links)

3/20 “The Word ‘Yeehaw,’ a Gardening Tool, and Leg Warmers”

“Ok so I have something for One Shot Wednesday. I challenge you to make these three things work: 1. The word Yeehaw 2. A gardening tool 3. Leg warmers. Thank you and goodnight. ❤️❤️”

5/8 Demon-Eater

WARNING: violence
A short scene inspired by/A memory jogged by some songs I was listening to.
(Connected to the “Crossroad of Infinity” series)

7/24 Poltermensch

“Okay, let’s make it an official request. ^.^ You should do an OSW on that post. About the inconvenient limitations of the human body [for a powerful being] and/or [them] being discovered =P”

8/14 Don’t Call Me!

“When a wannabe fighter-for-justice is injured and needs to escape, she’s forced to go to an enemy mercenary for help.”

8/28 Suspenders

The Villain asks out one of the Hero’s supporting characters on a date.

Prompt by @scrawl-your-heart-out on Tumblr:
“‘Do you wanna be mine?’ The villain offered.
‘Uh, who are you?’”

9/11 Startled End

What is the true shape of a shapeshifter? Just hope you never see it. ‘Cause if you do…

“I-… I’m so sorry…!”

(Inspired by prompt 493 of @wonderful-prompts on Tumblr)

10/2 Ghost Clones

Who cares what some teenager saw in the middle of the night? Grant didn’t believe ghost stories.
So why did those three human-sized crates make him so uneasy?

10/16 Crossroad of Infinity Sneak Peek: Illunira

A sneak peek at my upcoming novel — and a request of you, dear reader:
If you’re willing, I’d like to tell you about my homeworld. Or, rather, my home dimension.

11/6 Airhead Doorbell

This elf has racked up quite the tab at your tavern. And he’ll have to pay up before he’ll get another ounce of ale out of you!


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