Chapter 19

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It took me at least a few hundred tries to navigate the Crossroad successfully, even after figuring out the basics.

A few hundred tries to get a dimension decently close to what I wanted. To get one with physics I liked.

It might seem odd how I keep bringing up “different physics.” Well, there’s a good reason for that: It’s the first thing I notice about a new world. And a large part of what makes many of them so interesting.
And also-
-They’re usually impossible to completely describe once inside a different set of physics (although some are more difficult to describe than others.)

In this case, my first successful navigation definitely falls in the “more difficult” category, since it was more similar to Illunira than to this world: It had no sun, was a half-prizmal dimension, and didn’t require spoken language.

But, I suppose it also had no spirit types, like this one.

Rather than having a material and a prizmal body, it was more like living things there were made from a substance that combined both. The material was the prizmal.
They didn’t have any need to feed the prizmal part of their beings. Rather, it was their material body that fed their prizmal element. In many ways, this made the First Nav’s connection to Prizmal much stronger than Illunira’s.

And, in fact, Prizmal was much easier to see in the First Nav’s sky.
But it didn’t look like the Prizmal I knew.

Rather than a crystal, with sharp edges and refracted light, it looked like a bunch of amorphous. Blobs. Of glowing. Goo.

…Alright, I admit, that description might be intentionally degrading.
I’m biased in favor of Illunira’s Prizmal. So sue me.

I guess a more flattering description might be “the sky looked like a giant lava lamp.”

More familiar, and a more important aspect to me, was that communication was done through the aura/mind; through the prizmal. Because, by this point, I had encountered worlds that required the use of some type of language — spoken or otherwise. And the thing about language is that it has to be learned.
And I couldn’t just travel to worlds that used the language from Illunira because that magnet-like, pushing effect wouldn’t. Let me.
Now, eventually, of course I would come to learn another language (thanks, in large part, to Noctu and Xihrae), but I hadn’t yet. So not needing to know one in order to communicate? Made things considerably easier on me. This was one of the aspects I’d continue aiming for for many travels to come!

I said there weren’t spirit types. This, too, was intentional.
I was tired of the prejudice different spirit types had aimed at each other in Illunira. I knew there would likely still be prejudice of some kind — but at least it would be a different kind!

And it was. Rather than judging each other based on any prizmal aspect — they judged using the material:

There were two basic ecosystems. We’ll call them “poisonous” and “benign.”
And there were two intelligent, souled races in this world. One for each ecosystem.
And, while they weren’t exactly at war, they did not get along.

I could come up with names for them. But I’d rather not — for reasons that should become obvious. Later.
So, instead, I’ll refer to the poisonous-ecosystem race as “B” and the benign as “A.”

Over time, I definitely became more familiar with the Bs.

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