Chapter 7

When I have no body of my own to measure it with, time moves both too slowly and too quickly. For Tess, it’s only been a few years. For me, it’s been yet another short eternity.

Chapter 6

Why? Why oh why oh WHY a demon-eater, of all things?! I mean, at least you’re an anima, but I’d’ almost have preferred you be a florus – or even a symbi! Why, at least then I wouldn’t have had to put up with such – such…!

Chapter 3

In Illunira, our spirits, our auras, glowed so, SO many different colors! From bright primary colors, to muddy browns, to dull grays… Some were so bright you could barely look at them, others so dark they almost looked black!

Chapter 2

Dracula is leading Tess to his castle, the wolves following along and disappearing into the trees along the way, one-by-one. Tess’s eyes widen as she lifts her gaze, following the structure up to the tips of its pitch-black spires. It’s enormous; but of course it is. Technically, he’s still nobility.



Ok, let me admit something right off the bat: I’ve wondered more than a few times whether I actually remember anything about my early childhood at all. Yeah, see, I might’ve just made it all up from pieces of different lives I’ve lived in other worlds. And since I can’t go back and check, I’ll probably never have an answer, either.