Chapter 10


Well, the training to become a “Mentor” was perhaps a bit more grueling than expected.

But that career as a multi-faceted artist did the trick! They considered me a prime candidate; I should have no trouble gaining the opportunity to become your mentor now.
That said, I’ll still need to convince you to accept me as such…

And indeed, this letter is proof I’ve received first pick of the mentees!
Hm… Picking you out of a line-up shouldn’t be difficult.
I hope…

Look at them all.
Barely half-grown and already training for war.

No! I need to focus. That’s not why I’m here. Just scan the line.
Follow that thread to your soul, and-
-Ah! Yes, there you are! … You’re… Huh.

If I’m being perfectly honest, you’re a bit… unnerving.
Nothing spectacular, in the grand scheme of things. I’ve encountered far more frightening beings in my travels.
That said, something about you still puts me… on edge. Even for you being a demon-eater. There seems to be something… more going on here.

I wish I could put my finger on it.

Well, nevertheless. If you’ve made it this far, you know how to behave yourself.
Even if you turned out to be evil incarnate, I should have no problems “training” you — and teaching you of the Crossroad while I’m at it. What you do with that information afterward is none of my concern.

So music is your preferred method of control, you say?
Easy enough. I can prove my adeptness at that with a mere song or two.

Well. Um.
Your lack of a reaction is… discouraging.

Oh! You DID pick me!
Eh? Oh. Nevermind. It seems you just… want to be done with the process. It is very good I got first pick, then, or I’d have missed you for sure.
Well, at least the greatest hurdle is out of the way. Now you and I can leave the drabble- I mean, the poor, innocent children behind and start our-


Aha! Oooohh-oh, I see! No wonder you felt strange to me. You hide it so well — if I were any less experienced, I would definitely have missed it!
Well. If you don’t want them to know, I shan’t tell them. Although I do hope I get to see some of the mischief you end up causing…!
Ooh, it gives me shivers simply imagining it! Perhaps I should have gone with a more eventful world?
Agh, no point regretting now.

We’ve made it out of the building and into a courtyard. I suppose this is as good a time as any to speak to each other.

So you wish to have regular training sessions to perfect your energy control? Easy enou-
-Did… Did you really just… casually hypnotize that creature? With ONE small tune?!

Oh-ho! So that’s a demon-eater’s ability! I knew they had some kind of hypnosis, but… I didn’t think it’d be so… flashy!
And to think I thought you frightening before… So demon-eaters can hypnotize weaker prey with a mere few sung notes!

I mentioned I wanted to see what you could cause to happen in this world? Oh, please do something interesting before I leave! I just know it’d be entertaining now!

Although, on the other hand, if you are evil incarnate… And you can manage to hypnotize ME…?
Perhaps I should actually be glad I won’t be around to experience your reign, haha!

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