Chapter 4


My goodness, it’s been SO long since I’ve enjoyed a world this much!

I mean, I’m not normally one to care about aesthetics, but perhaps I should have tried this sooner!

No sun, a highly volcanic planet, a decent government (for now, anyway), and a full selection of interesting non-sentient life!
And. It. Glows!

I mean, of course it does. With no sun and all. These types of physics demand such an energy flow to sustain life.
It’s just… very … appealing.

Looking out at the environment and seeing all these colors:
The black earth.
The silvery, mirror-like lava.
The various neon plants…

All these colors shining off of animals’ bodies; their fur, skin, scales, exoskeleton — all of it glistening like oil on water…

And best of all, the prizmal bodies of the Dead Ones, moving and shifting against Prizmal far up above the clouds like fireworks.
And the more physical bodies of the still-fully-alive Illunirans…! Glowing like rainbows and reflecting off the lava underneath!!!

How lucky you are, Future Heir, to have been born into such a wondrous world!
Though, heh… I guess I should say UNlucky, huh?

Well, regardless. I’m certainly enjoying this.
Not a bad choice for a world to go out on, if I do say so myself. It’s both comforting in its familiarity, and interesting in its alien aspects.

Y’know… It’s been so long since I’ve seen my own homeworld… I think some of these “alien aspects” feel more familiar to me now than the ones I was born into.
I wonder if that will happen to you someday? …Probably.

Old habits die so hard. I want SO BADLY to just… shake things up in this world.
How would those unsuspecting pricks at the top react to an all-out civil war? To a new cult? To brand new, strange creatures messing up their ecosystem?! To-!

-Heh… But no. I can’t.

I may have given up fitting in during my travels, for the most part. Why bother, right? It’s not like I won’t get another chance to PLAY if I mess up.
But THIS time I actually have a goal — one I really do only have one shot at. I’m not just here to sight-see.

Oh, how my stupid heart has inconvenienced me! Of all the times to have pity on someone!
But I have had pity on you, Future Heir. And, no doubt, I’ll never even hear a “thank you” for it, either.

Ugh…! Woe is me…!

Well, then, where to begin…

This really is a decent governmental system, actually, isn’t it?
With them making sure everyone is able to live in a certain level of comfort, I can easily relax and organize my thoughts for you to peruse later.
Very nice. Very nice, indeed.

Huh… Makes me wish I’d done some things differently back on…
No! I’m getting distracted again. Gah!

… Oh, well. Perhaps it will help to simply get it out of my system…?

Alright, fine, it’s a flimsy excuse to indulge myself and nothing more, but…

This is my last world! I intend to enjoy what little time I have left. Be grateful I chose to teach you anything at all!

These half-energy, half-matter worlds are so very preferable to their counterparts. Their level of unpredictability is unmatched! I can never fully guess how the interaction of the Great Energy Dimension and the essences of the intelligent life will affect the material aspects of these worlds-
When they are So. Very. Close to each other!

And having three separate intelligent species — it increases that unpredictability-!

… Oh, dear… I, um…
… Perhaps I, ah… Miscalculated…

Oh, I do hope you end up an Anima, Future Heir. Otherwise, ah… communication could be…
As much as I enjoy the challenge of trying to understand and empathize with them, I do not like the prospect of trying to communicate such complicated concepts as interdimensional travel and reincarnation to a plant-like florus or a single-celled symbi…
Such things require language, and language isn’t an option with them.

… Wait. What would it even be like for a symbi to become the Keeper? Could a symbi become the Keeper?!
I’ve never seen a symbi all on their own. In fact, I’m fairly certain they’re too small to see with the naked eye, so…?
Would its entire “community” become the Keeper? Or…? Oh, dear, oh dear…!

Haugh! Well.
Too late now, I suppose.

We finally got to hear from my predecessor, the previous Keeper of the Crossroad of Infinity! (Don’t worry, this is the last narrator.)

Update: The person who’s doing the podfic for “Phantasma Magica” has agreed to make an audiobook for CofI!!! (They’ve also given me permission to share their name, now. She’s “Em” from ShadowQuillsInk — one of the editors of this story.) Look forward to that, and THANK YOU EM!!! T^T

Also, whenever the audiobook is complete, I’m thinking about turning it into a… would it be called a “video novel”…? I’m considering making a video by putting the audio to some drawings.

Would anyone be interested in that?

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