Chapter 3

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In Illunira, our spirits, our auras, glowed so, SO many different colors!

From bright primary colors, to muddy browns, to dull grays… Some were so bright you could barley look at them, others so dark they almost looked black!

But they weren’t just there to look pretty. All those different shades of color and light had a purpose: the color or quality of a person’s spirit signaled what “polarity” they belonged to.

The polarities were opposite, but connected, energies that could only be given off by living souls. They were all aspects of inner psychology, or the relations between people — things soulless beings (at least, in Illunira) were incapable of having.
There were five total. You needn’t remember them all, but it is important that you understand the basics. So I’ll lay it out as simply as I can:


The actual colors were, respectively, Yellow/Blue for the Order/Chaos polarity, Green/Purple for the Self/Others polarity, and Red/Cyan for the Emotion/Logic polarity.
The qualities of those colors were Saturated/Desaturated for Activity/Passivity, Light/Dark for Direct (action)/Indirect (action), and finally…

The one you DO need to remember: the Demonic/Angelic axis. Which didn’t have a color or quality, and which most people struggled to even detect.
Let alone identify.


Everyone in my homeworld had one of these “spirit types,” but even more important than their polarity — was their “orientation.”
Because the orientation of their spirit identified what their prizmal body required to survive.

This part you will need to remember, but it’s already rather simple: A person could be either an absorber, an emitter, or a balancer of a specific color or quality. In order to live, absorbers needed to absorb a type of energy; emitters needed to emit a type of energy; and balancers needed to absorb a type of energy and emit its opposite polarity.

Any orientation could be any color. But the same wasn’t true of qualities.
While almost everything WAS on a sliding-scale — anyone extremely dark or desaturated was an absorber, anyone very saturated or light was an emitter…
And anyone highest in the qualities of “demonic” or “angelic” energies — WAS a balancer.

And if they were a balancer — they were taken.
Trained by the Dead Ones to become their “lower-leaders.”

This was how my possibly-imagined happy childhood ended.

Spirit Types Chart

A person’s spirit type was identified during their childhood in a ceremony known as their “Emerging.” The outcome determined how the child would be educated for the rest of their youth. So serious an affair was it that every Emerging was performed by a Dead One.
They’d look into the child’s spirit extremely deeply, examine the balance of the colors — of the Polarities — until they identified the dominant traits, then, if needed, they’d feed the child each type of energy, waiting to see if it was absorbed, rejected, or… its opposite emitted.

I only remember one part of my Emerging clearly — the single glance the Dead One took at me before identifying my spirit type.
A demon-eater. One of the two spirit types that were both loved and feared above all others.

Here I was, my neighbors’ beloved little innocent princess — one of them. I can just imagine the thought in their heads the second they heard: “I should have known. She was just TOO likeable.” Because, you see, a demon-eater — I — absorb “demonic” energy and emit “angelic” energy.
Whether I want to or not.

So, as long as those around me are unaware, I ca- ah…
… Nevermind.

Mercifully, I didn’t have long to dwell on the reactions of the people I’d grown up around. Demon-eaters were so rare — and so feared and treasured by the Dead Ones — that I was removed immediately for “training.”
I was thrust into an inescapable exercise I can only describe as Brainwashing and Loyalty 101.

I think the “Balancers’ Creed” just about says it all:
“Obey the Dead Ones in charge of you unquestioningly. Always scan the auras of those around you, making sure the environment remains peaceful. If you encounter an Unsalvageable — or, worse, a Rebel — capture them and send them to an Unsalv Civilization. However, if they are a balancer, True Kill them on-sight.”

Ah, yes, “Unsalvageables.” I doubt I need to explain what a “Rebel” was, but care to take a guess at what it meant for someone to be “unsalvageable?”

An “Unsalv” was anyone who was too high in two or more of these three colors: Green, Red, or Blue — too Selfish and Emotional, too Emotional and Chaotic, or too Chaotic and Selfish. One of them was fine, they could be reasoned with through Order, Logic, or their care for Others. But if too high in either of the other two as well, they were likely to… “spread trouble.”
Of course, this meant someone Active was infinitely more likely to be an Unsalv than someone Passive. Hard to be high in any two colors when your defining feature is being gray.

As for the meaning of “True Kill” — well…

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